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Love In Marriage

I was recently reflecting on love, and how love is such an amazing experience.

The thing about love is that there is enough for everyone. The experience can vary from person to person. Every love brings something unique to your heart. I see love like I see snowflakes. Beautiful and different.... not exactly alike. The love for my late husband would never be the same with anyone else... because no one else is the same as him.  
Love is to be felt, on every level of our being... it's physical, it's emotional, it's mental and spiritual.... what other way is there to experience love? If you aren't experiencing love on every level... then what are you experiencing? Something that's on the surface... it can get much deeper though. Love is freedom, it doesn't hinder, it doesn't stifle who we are. It liberates us... and inspires us... believes and uplifts... it's a key... it's an awakening... anything opposite is not love in my opinion.  Just my thoughts and exp…