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Praying For Your Husband

Good morning world,

This morning I felt inspired to write a few words, in prayers that it will benefit you all out there. One of the best things we can do for our spouse is to pray for them.

What is so awesome about prayer, is that God understands what we are saying, knows what we want to say, and no matter if its aloud or deep within our heart... He knows, He understands and He hears us.

Even as a widow, one of the things I continuously do, is pray for my late husband (rahimahullah)


Pray for God's guidance, husbands have a lot of decisions to make. Their role as the leader of the home is such an important role, that God's guidance is for sure needed. When praying for your husband, pray that God guides his decisions, his steps. As wives, one of your duties is to encourage him to pray too, gently remind him that with God, there is success. Every move we make, should be in a direction God is pleased with.

Pray for their health and safety- the world today is not the easiest place to deal with. Going out there daily, and earning a living can have its test. It is a blessing to have a husband walk in the house, after a hard day's Pray for God's protection daily, for your whole family. Not just physical harm, even the unseen...and we can assist also by making sure our husband's are eating well and doing their best to be healthy in every area of their life (mental, physical etc)

Pray for your marriage
Some days it may feel like your husband does not understand you, and their might be communication issues, God understands every language and He can make us understand each other.  Asking God to guide your speech and give you the words to help your husband understand what you need is important to keep your relationship from becoming a relationship that is full of misunderstanding. Also asking God to help your spouse understand and communicate is a needed prayer. How many times have we argued with our spouse, because we misunderstood what was said? Also there is much temptation out there in the world, the opposite gender, places not of light and so on...falling into these matters can hurt a marriage. Keep your marriage strong and pray for God to keep you and your husband on safe ground.

Pray for his spiritual growth
A man who is not constantly striving to get closer to God, is a man that will have a harder time in his responsibilities. He can make the best decisions having prayed on it and has faith in God's word and plan. His spiritual growth also aids in your spiritual growth, some of my favorite memories is my husband teaching me after the prayer and the children too. I remember the days my husband would go sit with Shaykh Ninowy after jumuah prayer and I would be so excited for him, and myself, because I knew when he came home, he would teach me what the Shaykh taught him and the others. I would say, as soon as he came in the door  "as salamu alaykum sooooooo..." he would laugh and return my salams then he would be quiet... knowing I'm on the edge of my seat, and ready to hear what happened. After playing around with my anticipation, he would share the jewels he learned that day alhamdulilah
I now share what he has taught me, with the children, I remind them to say the duaas that my late husband taught them. What a blessing it is to have a husband who can teach you and cares about his families spiritual well being. These things I believe will benefit my late husband (rahimahullah) in the next life as well...

So you must pray often... pray for his connection with God, his guidance, his spiritual growth, his health, your marriage, and so on.

One of the best things we can do is pray for one another and assist them by doing what is good and what is helpful.


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