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Making Your Home A Haven

This year, is the first year I am doing things on my own. With my husband (rahimahullah) no longer here physically with me, I am experiencing many feelings, new challenges and it is quite a journey.

Homemaking has become even more important, as the children adjust to our home changes, I have to continue to make it a place, where they feel love, light, ease, peace and the presence of God.
Every day we put effort into adjusting to our new changes.

How can you  make your home a haven?

Well what is a haven?  a haven is defined as a place of safety or refuge. A sanctuary, a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions..etc

A place of prayer- Praying together, not only is it a beautiful way to connect to God, but it is a great way to connect to your family. Keeping God first in your home is a way to feel God's presence. If you are not making mention of Him daily, then your home will feel a void. And only God can fill it. The hearts won't be at ease if you're not rem…

Praying For Your Husband

Good morning world,

This morning I felt inspired to write a few words, in prayers that it will benefit you all out there. One of the best things we can do for our spouse is to pray for them.

What is so awesome about prayer, is that God understands what we are saying, knows what we want to say, and no matter if its aloud or deep within our heart... He knows, He understands and He hears us.

Even as a widow, one of the things I continuously do, is pray for my late husband (rahimahullah)


Pray for God's guidance, husbands have a lot of decisions to make. Their role as the leader of the home is such an important role, that God's guidance is for sure needed. When praying for your husband, pray that God guides his decisions, his steps. As wives, one of your duties is to encourage him to pray too, gently remind him that with God, there is success. Every move we make, should be in a direction God is pleased with.

Pray for their health and safety- the world today is not the easies…