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A Decade Defined

SubhanAllah, God truly knew what was in store for me when I met my husband 10 years ago. When my husband met me, I was not the woman I am now, I was not always the happy homemaker, I was not immersed  into service, I was not Traditional Muslimah Homemaker. So how can I define a decade of marriage? I want to share ten ways.. not in any particular order.

1. Growth: SubhanAllah, I look back and can honestly say, God has blessed me to learn more about numerous things and it has helped me grow.  The woman I was and the woman I am now are totally different, mashaAllah, but I am aware that the woman I was, was open to growing and becoming who I am now. In ten years of marriage I have learned that everything I have been hit with... test, and life changes, was all in preparation for me to become a better person subhanAllah. In growing, I know that God sends people to aid you in your growth, I am a firm believer that my husband was sent to teach me and alhamdulilah mashaAllah , his caring, kin…

10 Inspiring Marriage Quotes

10 years ago subhanAllah, I met the man who would change my life forever. My blog post today will be sharing some inspirational marriage quotes.. keeping in line with our 10 theme :)


1. “The best time to love with your whole heart is always now, in this moment, because no breath beyond the current is promised.”- Fawn Weaver

2. Marriage is a gift from Allah, honor The Giver and appreciate the gift. Remember "a wise woman builds her home and a foolish one tears hers down" what is the wisest thing to do? Are you building daily? Are you making deposits or are you constantly making withdrawals?

Get more support by being around women who will inspire and motivate you towards good. I have probably less than three women who ...are my marriage motivators... They love Allah and they are committed to having a marriage He is pleased with. Do you have these kind of women in your life? Elders who impart wise advice are also gems that we must treasure and learn from.

Wake up daily wi…

DIY Herbal Windchimes

Herbal Windchimes 

We love herbs and our family has been learning and working with them a lot.  Have you been to our herbal shop online? MashaAllah alhamdulilah it's pretty awesome!!! Here:

Our older three boys (8,7, and 5) have been extra interested and very involved in making Salves, lip balm and more. Homeschooling has consisted of herbal knowledge and let's just say… it's been a hit in our home. I really want the children to learn and pass on this wonderful knowledge along with learning Qur'an and duaas ... Spiritual healing and physical and emotional healing are all connected and if one area suffers it effects the others.

Not only do we love herbs we also love canning our homemade jellies and jam. We have so many mason jar rings that they came in handy for our herbal windchimes. Beautiful smells of chamomile and lavender with beautiful yellow dandelions and golden calendula graced our chimes… fresh green plantain, leaves from yello…