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Reflections- A Mothers Advice

Abd al-Malik (RA) said: “When ‘Awf ibn Muhallim al-Shaybani, one of the most highly respected leaders of the Arab nobility during the jahiliyyah, married
his daughter Umm Iyas to al-Harith ibn ‘Amr al-Kindi, she was made ready to
be taken to the groom, then her mother, Umamah came into her, to advise her
and said:

‘O my daughter, if it were deemed unnecessary to give you this advice
because of good manners and noble descent, then it would have been
unnecessary for you, because you posses these qualities, but it will serve
as a reminder to those who are forgetful, and will help those who are wise.

‘O my daughter, if a woman were able to do without a husband by virtue of
her father’s wealth and her need for her father, then you of all people
would be most able to do without a husband, but women were created for men
just as men were created for them.

‘O my daughter, you are about to leave the home in which you grew up, where
you first learned to walk, to go to a place you do not know, to …

Homemaking Beyond Our Homes

After obligatory rites, the action most beloved to Allah is delighting other Muslims.”  -Hadith 

This hadith was a test for me this past week. We went to family and friends homes for a visit and before we went, I spent much time asking Allah to make me of a benefit when I visit them and not be a burden.  Sometimes I can be distant and keep to myself because of my shyness, but this does not help me benefit others, even though I actually thought it did.

One important reminder my husband gave me years ago is that when you go to someone else's home you want to be a benefit and also leave things better than how you found it. I looked back at my past visits and realized I could strive to be a better servant to my friends and family.

I used this weekend to implement that. Have you ever had a friend that came to your home, and they ate, left a mess, and did not offer to help out? Or have you ever been that person? SubhanAllah I realized that being a blessing in someones home is as important …

Homemade Bread- First Time

MashaAllah I am so excited about my first time making bread! I read this easy beginners  recipe on how to make your own bread a couple days ago.

Needless to say I have been waiting for the perfect time to make the bread. Bread making is a 3 hour process and because I did this from scratch without a bread maker, I waited until 1 a.m. to make bread ...the first night I over slept and the second night I was determined to make the bread for my family.

It was such a peaceful experience as the children slept, my husband kept me company as I made the bread and we had a nice time. I will be making bread more often inshaAllah in the late night, it was calm and felt so good to do this.

I dhikr as I made the bread, before starting I ask Allah to guide my hands and as I stirred in the ingredients I said  Alhamdulilah and SubhanAllah :)

rep Time: 3 hours
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours, 45 minutes

3/4 cup warm water
1 package active dry yeast
1 tsp salt
1-1/2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp …

Gathering At The Maidah- Family Dinners

In one hadith of the Prophet (SAW), some of his companions complained that they ate but were not satisfied. The Prophet (S) said, "Perhaps you eat separately." They said, "Yes." He said, "If you gather together and mention Allah's name, you will be blessed in it." (Abu Dawud) 

Alhamdulilah it has always been sunnah to eat together as a family, friends, and community. Growing up I was not raised in a Muslim home, but my mother made it a tradition to eat together and have big meals on Sunday. MashaAllah I have always had that mentality growing up about the importance of bonding and being together at the dinner table. I think nowadays with microwave meals and hungryman dinners, people are not eating together as much anymore. It's truly sad, as children are growing up not experiencing real home cooked meals and family dinners.

Do you have dinners as a family or do your family members get their plate and eat in their rooms? How can you create a since of …

Happy Muslimah Homemaker

This world is just temporary conveniences, and the best comfort in this world is a righteous woman.”Haadith

The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. She does
him good and not evil all the days of her life. (Prov. 31:11-12)
Alhamdulilah when I finally decided to embrace the role Allah has given me, I felt so much relief. Having been married for 5 years mashaAllah I was not always into the idea of homemaking, alhamdulilah Allah has blessed me to be completely happy and satisfied with this beautiful role.
The Journey Was Not Easy: I married at 23, for the second time. After getting a divorce I was used to doing my own thing. Freely moving about, having my own job, my own place and when I remarried I did not realize how much this shaped some of my views. I was not used to hearing what I could and could not do. Cooking cleaning and doing things the way my husband enjoyed it was foreign to me and surely not a practice amongst my closest peers
Happily Married &…

Allah: The Cure for Burdens, Fatigue, and Hard Days of Homemaking

Fatigue Feeling burdened
Hard days

Some days we feel all these things, we have much to do and at moments we feel backed against the wall. Alhamdulilah there is a remedy for these feelings: Allah. 
We should never look at our blessings as burdens, the good and the bad of it. There is blessings in everything that happens to us, even in our afflictions:
Anyone for whom Allah intends good, He makes him suffer from some affliction. (Bukhari)

 Look at your afflictions as a means of purification in this world and ask Allah for forgiveness. 

Are we not tested daily with our children, our relationships and even property (bills bills bills)

The believing man or woman continues to have affliction in person, property and children so that they may finally meet Allah, free from sin. (Tirmidhi)

No calamity befalls a Muslim but that Allah expiates some of his sins because of it, even though it were the prick he receives from a thorn. (Bukhari)

 SubhanAllah! Take comfort in our discomfort! When tending to our f…

Tofu Fettuccine Alfredo

I never used to be a great cook but alhamdulilah hubby has says I have gotten a lot better mashaAllah!

We had tofu fettuccine alfredo

I sauteed the tofu with onion and seasoned it.

The awesome thing about the tofu was that it was already cubed :) hubby made my job much easier.

After sauteing the tofu until the onion became transparent I simply added the alfredo sauce on top and put it on top of fettuccine

You called also turn the tofu intil homemade alfredo sauce by blending it, adding soy milk, Parmesan cheese, parsley, pepper and there you have homemade alfredo sauce

I used this lovely multi grained pasta
Yummy mashaAllah!!

MashaAllah the children and hubby enjoyed it. They boys ate the tofu without a problem. Tofu is good in protein , calcium and vitamin E alhamdulilah. I have read it is known to aid in making cancers less likely, particularly breast cancer. InshaAllah next time I think I will make the tofu into alfredo sauce

Sundays Sister Circle

Alhamdulilah so excited about our Sundays Sister Circle, every Sunday starting November 20th inshaAllah we will be reading text that will motivate us, inspire us, and help us in our life. 
We will start by reading Ponn Sabra's ebook Balancing Life As A Muslim Mom, pages 1-4 inshaAllah and discussing it on Sunday at 9 est. it is a free ebook and easily obtained from the website. 
We are open to text suggestions for future Sundays Sister Circle readings. InshaAllah all our sessions will be via skype, add the name traditionalmuslimah to join us inshaAllah!
For those who miss it inshaAllah will share notes about each section here on the blog
Happy Homemaking!

Menu Planner and Free Printable

Alhamdulilah yesterday I started formally menu planning and today I have stuck to it. Yay! MashaAllah hubby listened to me read him the weeks menu and has also helped in getting the items necessary for the week. Monday is Market day!

I created my own menu planner on the computer and made it available for other moms who need an idea of making a menu planner or you can simply use the one I made.

It was quick and fun for me. There are some days of the week where will we be out for dinner and we have already planned what to bring for our travels for when we are out

Are you using a menu planner? It adds some organization in my life alhamdulilah looking forward to doing the next weeks menu :)

PDF:  Traditional Muslimah Homemaker Menu

Happy Homemaking!

Putting Noor In Your Sink

Okay okay, I'm a Fly Lady in the making. I fly, I fall and then I fly some more. One thing is, I love their methods such as shining your sink and using a timer. I benefited from these two points the most.

Once I shine my sink and it's gleaming in the kitchen, it really does make me want to shine my whole kitchen. I think shining my sink is an inspiration for me.

If you have not joined The FlyLady's page it is on facebook and they have a website too

Do you put some noor in your sink? Put noor in your home, a clean home makes your place shine, it really lights up my home Also I feel good and want to continue that good feeling. Alhamdulilah The Flylady system can sometimes fill overwhelming, but there is a lot of wealth and benefit from what I take from it. Also recommend 31 Days To Clean- Having A Martha House The Mary way.... this ebook cost less than 4 dollars and it really is a good book! It has a website too with cleaning challenges, simple, nice, and ben…

Inner Winter- The Bitter Cold

He said a lot of things in the past you just can't forget. Feelings you thought you left behind a long time ago are really manifesting in your relationship every day. You struggle to move on, but that one word or new argument opens old wounds that appear to never heal.

These feelings hold you back from moving forward. Your marriage or any relationship that you had with others where you hold bitterness and resentment in your heart will not allow you to have a healthy relationship.

Moving on is easier said than done. With time and proper healing, we can rid ourselves of that inner winter, that coldness of bitterness. I have had relationships in the past and the present that I have not really healed from, and when that happens you find yourself bringing old baggage in new relationships and you start sabotaging your new relationships  Even sabotaging your marriage.

It is a real test for a believer to forgive another. Have you said something to someone else that you felt bad about late…

Reflections #1

I am striving to pick ayats or hadith that we can reflect on daily or each week. At the end of each reflection is a challenge in relation to the hadith or ayat posted. InshaAllah you can journal your experience of each challenge and share with us your thoughts and feelings.

We are reflecting on this hadith today:

The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salaam said "Islam is clean, so cleanse yourselves, for only the cleansed shall enter Paradise."- At Tabarani

Cleanliness is a big part of Islam. What do you think about this hadith when you read it? It says to me that we must take great care of ourselves and our homes and make them places of clean. Also when you are cleaned up you feel good about yourself and your spirits feel good.

There are so many benefits to leading a cleanly life. It's healthy, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Are you striving to live a clean life? 

Challenge: Make it your mission to clean that one spot in your home that you have been avoiding. After you fi…

When "I do" becomes "I Don't Want To.."

It all started in marital bliss. Holding hands, truly living the first year as newlyweds, rushing home to be with your spouse, leaving notes of love and after some time has passed things seem to be getting worse. Holding hands now sounds like a far stretch, newlyweds turned into new frustrations, rushing home becomes rushing to get out the door and loving notes becomes cold, and mean letters of the latest issue.
It is not uncommon for marriages to have their bumps in the road. Speaking from experience, I know its these situations that really test ones marriage. I often think there is a reason why marriage is half our deen! Are we truly in it for the long haul? Are we ready to handle test with togetherness or when tough time comes is it everyone for themselves? Are we about making our marriages work or are we working against it??
We must strive to make our marriages work and not give up. Today couples will split over finances, arguments, and a lack of togetherness. Islam has the reme…

Feeling Overwhelmed

So You're Feeling Overwhelmed? Alhamdulillah you have entered the realm of homeschooling. May Allah bless you on such an amazing journey ameen. This is a wonderful time to make many memories with your child(ren) and promote a closeness in bonding and establishing a lifelong love of learning. You may be new to this journey or finally getting into the groove of it. One thing we can all relate to is that feeling where we can become overwhelmed. This feeling can come from many places and happen at any time. The purpose of this article is to focus on ways to avoid that feeling and if it just happens to catch you, the steps you can do to get rid of it. A typical homeschooling day could be working with more than one child, taking care of your home, cooking and cleaning. One day it might feel like it’s too much. I recommend several steps to help overwhelmed parents. 1.) Keep Allah First. There are many duaas one can say in times of frustration. In keeping Allah first you are putting mor…


As salaamu alaykum!

It is 2.00 a.m. and some of my best moments for writing and inspiration come after the children are asleep. It is the best times to quietly think and write. Alhamdulilah have been thinking for a long time to share a love of traditional homemaking, parenting, and Islam with other Muslimahs.

As a Muslimah mom of 4, there is so much to share about this wonderful experience. Alhamdulilah we reside in New York and we are often known for promoting and sharing our love of homeschooling.

Will update this blog often inshaAllah with thoughts on life, love, and learning from an Islamic view.

- Ameera